An English man living in the high desert. 

I am a fine art photographer living near Joshua Tree, California.  Let’s be friends here … I live in the high desert, about 20 minutes from Joshua Tree but saying I live in Joshua Tree is the trendy thing right? I don’t have long hair, but I do wear plaid a lot, and I have facial hair of some sort, all the time.  


I highlight the memory of things rather than be technical, so sometimes things are not quite in focus or pinpoint sharp, but when you look at what we made together, you‘ll remember how the light looked when it hit the rocks, the bad jokes, and smell of the person holding you in their arms, even when that person is yourself.  

I have some prints for sale through a third party website : please feel free to reach out about prints if you dont see one you like.

Everything is a portrait, whether it’s food, a wedding, or in fact, a portrait.